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Don’t stock what you won’t sell


Boost Bestseller availability with 30% less capital

Inventory Recommendation Software - Get Results within 45-days!

Why companies like EasyReplenish?

Cut our inventory planning time by 70%

"Metrics like in-stock DRR, days of coverage are very helpful in day-to-day planning.
Its also the single source of truth for our business and merchandising teams."


Rushabh Rathi
CEO Office at Knya

Why it works

Eradicates the hectic and unreliable spreadsheet based manual process with a proven 5-step process built over years of inventory planning experience.

Step 1 - Set inventory goals

Step 5 - Take actions through alerts aligned to your goals

Step 2 - Define Constraints

 Step 3 - Setup and define Datasets

Step 4 - Monitor right metrics with Dashboards


Leave your Data Crunching for Inventory Decisions to us

Demand Forecasting

  • Data models adopted as per desired goals by synthesizing historical sales and inventory data. E.g. time series models.

  • Out-of-stock adjusted sales trends.

  • Seasonal sales trends.

Inventory Replenishment

  • Get replenishment quantity recommendation based on target availability levels and working capital goals.

  • Identify and timely reorder the SKUs going out-of-stock.

  • Automated creation of Vendor purchase orders and tracking Open POs.

Data aggregation for Supply Chain tools

  • Integrate and sync multiple data sources within your supply chain.
    Example, Increff + Myntra + Amazon Seller Portal  + Spreadsheet (POs)

  • Build business metrics like inventory sell-through rate across WHs and stores.

Alerts to avoid stockouts

Types of alerts
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