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Optimize Inventory Holding with 30% Less Capital

Predictive Inventory Planner for Apparel/Fashion


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Why companies like EasyReplenish?

"A simple, effective dashboard that makes demand planning easier"

Utsav Agarwal

Founder and CEO at Fabric Pandit

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Check your channel-level sales, inventory stock levels, in-transit Vendor POs – all in one tidy place.

Inventory and Channel-wise SKU performance

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Demand shifts alerts

Pricing, channel-specific trend, seasonality and Facebook ads impact. Whenever there is a change in trend, EasyReplenish will let you know.

What, When and How much to stock

Always maintain optimal inventory levels at every warehousing location. And rake in up to 40% more revenue as a result!

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Avoid stockouts with auto-generated Vendor POs

Build ready-to-submit POs in mere minutes. All with spot-on accuracy thanks to personalized restock recommendations.

New SKU planning

Forecasting on the SKU attribute level when your SKU styles change frequently.

Example - V neck Blue shirts - 2500 pcs for next 60 days

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Want to invest in us?

We've unlocked more than $4M worth liquidity blocked in inventory so far.
Join us on this exciting journey!

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