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Inventory planning mistake #2 - ❌ neglecting Safety stock

What is Safety stock?

Figure: Safety stock formula Why the right Safety stock is important? 1. It is not possible to predict the demand accurately.

2. The biggest problem with using averages is it can't handle the sales fluctuations which results in out of stock. Many factors leading to inventory stockouts can be avoided with right safety stock calculation.

  1. Demand Uncertainty: 📈 Predicting demand accurately is tough! Unexpected events and trends can throw things off balance. Safety stock acts like a safety net, catching those surprise spikes in demand.

  2. Variability in Sales: 🎢 Averages are nice, but sales can be like a roller coaster. Peaks and valleys are real! Safety stock cushions those dips, ensuring you don't run out during crazy demand spikes.

  3. Lead Time Variability: 🚚 Sometimes restocking takes longer than expected due to supply chain hiccups. Safety stock covers you during these delays, so you're not caught off guard.

  4. Service Level and Customer Satisfaction: 👥 Happy customers = successful business. Setting the right safety stock level means you're less likely to disappoint customers with stockouts, boosting their smiles and loyalty.

  5. Minimizing Costs: 💰 Keeping extra inventory (including safety stock) has costs, but stockouts can cost even more. Balancing the two is like finding the "Goldilocks zone" for inventory management.

Why Choose EasyReplenish?

With EasyReplenish, you gain a competitive edge in inventory planning:

  Proactive Alerts: No more guesswork or constant monitoring. EasyReplenish notifies you when it's time to reorder, ensuring uninterrupted availability of your products.

    Data-Driven Decisions: Access to real-time inventory holding status empowers you to make decisions based on accurate insights, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.

 Complete SKU Management: EasyReplenish doesn't just focus on high-level metrics. It dives deep into SKU-level details, ensuring all aspects of your inventory are optimized.

Don't let inventory uncertainties hold you back. Embrace EasyReplenish and experience the ease of maintaining optimum SKU inventory levels, backed by timely alerts and data-driven insights. Your journey to efficient inventory management starts now.

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