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Transforming retail success through smarter Inventory Planning.

Our Mission

Globally, fast fashion retailers currently move only 40% of their SKUs at full price, with the remaining 60% either discounted or leading to wasteful outcomes.

Our vision is to revolutionize inventory planning through intelligent models and automated workflows, aiming not just to enhance profitability but also to slash carbon footprint by curbing surplus that often results in environmental waste.

Founding team

Dhruv Srivastava
- LinkedIn profile
2nd time SaaS Founder
Ex- Entrepreneur in Residence @ FableStreet (E-commerce)
B.Tech, IIT Dhanbad (2012)


Varun Ravula - LinkedIn profile
Inventory Planning expert (ex-Udaan, a B2B retail)
B.Tech, IIT Dhanbad (2013)

Our Story

Perfect blend of Inventory planning expertise + Data skills

We have done inventory planning ourselves on spreadsheets for many years and understand the perils of it.

We decided the to solve the issues we faced ourselves that was leaking thousands of $ in top-line due to stockouts and surplus which could have been avoided with a smarter piece of automated technology.



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